Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Urban Craft November: A Sneak Peek

Ladies and gents, we've got some fan-freakin'-tastic things in store for you during this month's edition of Urban Craft! I'm going to cut right to the chase:

This month the really awesome folks at The Lost City Of will be joining us with their fantastic threads. Danica makes handmade clothing--which is drafted, designed and sewn by her own two hands--as well as printed shirts that run in small editions. Her stuff is really fantastically unique and she also happens to have one of the coolest websites I've seen, which you should go check out.

Cheryl of Oh My Ampersand makes some really darn cool jewelry. Cheryl cuts salvaged wood into slices and sands each them smooth. Each piece looks different, each has its own story to unfold. She then sketches a design for the jewelry and then does wood burning. Cheryl's graphic design background is very evident when you see her pieces. They're so well executed and unique.

makerjane makes gorgeous linoblock print cards. Some are simple and incredibly beautiful in their simplicity, some are detailed and filled multiple colors and details. So gorgeous. I can't wait to pick up some of her cards to give out during the holiday season.

Stirling of Winged Beast Outfitters is bringing some more awesome threads in the form of really cool t-shirts. He totally has awesome stuff for dudes. Did you hear that? For DUDES! We love it when we come upon vendors who make stuff for guys, because they are often few and far between. We're 123% sure you'll love Winged Beast's stuff.

And last but certainly not least, 3 Princesses Engraving will be on hand with THE most ridiculously cute and modern wood toys for kids. I am in love with Rachael and Tyson's stuff so much that I'm scrambling to find kids to buy their stuff for these holidays. Sort of makes you wish you were at 5 year old again so you could get in on their awesome princess wands!

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