Monday, January 9, 2012

The First Urban Craft of 2012!

{gorgeous tea towels from manus made}

On Saturday we hosted the first Urban Craft of 2012 and had an absolute blast with all the wonderful people who came out to see us.

{adorable bowties from rufflentuck}

As organizers, we have learned so much from running a monthly show for the first time, and we honestly had no idea what January would be like in terms of traffic. But yet again, this wonderful city came out in support of small, independent businesses and really knocked our socks off!

{delectable vegan goodies from Auntie Loo's}

{lovely goods from the lost city of}

I'm not going to lie, ladies and gents--we have an AWESOME show lined up for you in February. It's going to be an awesome place to shop for your Valentine--no matter what kind of person will be yours on Valentine's Day!

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