Monday, August 27, 2012

Urban Craft's First Birthday!

Guess what, guys & gals!? Urban Craft is turning one in September! We are absolutely thrilled to be celebrating our first birthday, and incredibly grateful for how Ottawa has come out and supported our show over the past year.

As we sat down to plan our September 1st show, we decided that we better celebrate in an awesome way. What better excuse to throw a party than a birthday, right!? So we're throwing a big birthday bash in conjunction with Urban Craft on September 1st! Throughout the week we'll be showcasing all the awesome activities we'll have at the show in addition to an extended lineup of vendors for you to shop from this month! Here's just a teeny taste of all the awesomeness we'll have at the show:
  • Free gifts for the first 25 attendees through the front door! 
  • Free gourmet popcorn bar with tons of delectable toppings and goodies
  • Free kids crafts and activities for your little ones
  • Multiple door prizes to be won! I'm putting the finishing touches on the gift baskets and they're pretty sweet, folks!
  • 25 Vendors to shop from! We've usually got around 20 at the show; this month we've brought in some extra vendors so you'll have a bigger selection!
  • Admission is, as always, free!

When & where does it all go down?

Saturday, September 1st
The GCTC (1233 Wellington Street W, at Holland)

Stay tuned this week for more sneak peeks of all the goodies and activities we have planned! It's going to be grand!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I really love the cardboard ring. Thats pretty clever but how will it hold up to the elements? Ottawa Jewellers made rings like that once. They just made hundreds of cardboard diamond rings to give away for advertising purposes. Pretty cool.