Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Amazing Partner, Splendid Events

{The lovely Amy of Splendid Events. Photo by Elizabeth Jane Photography}

Looking back, it's not so surprising that the first time Amy of Splendid Events and I met was at a craft show (where else?). Amy popped by Craftalicious last November and was purchasing a few pieces of my jewelry when we got to chatting. Amy is one of those people who is just so easy to talk to--one of the sweetest, friendliest people I've ever met. As we got to chatting and the subject turned to Wed By Hand, I found out that Amy had recently launched her own event planning company, Splendid Events. A couple months later Amy applied to become a workshop teacher for Wed By Hand, and a couple of coffee dates later--the rest, as you could say, was history.

As I got to know Amy, I quickly discovered that she's one of the biggest supporters of local and small businesses in Ottawa. Shopping and eating local have become incredibly popular in the past few years and many people preach it, but Amy truly lives it. Her patronage and championship of small businesses is incredibly impressive, and yet she's not at all haughty about it. It seems only natural, then, that Amy would start planning weddings for couples who truly want to take advantage of what Ottawa has to offer -and- start planning launch parties and events for small businesses around town. And she really rocks it.

{Amy at the launch party for Halftone Media - Planned by Splendid. Photo by Amna Hakim Photography}

She's so great at helping couples and businesses find local vendors to pair with, and she's great at bringing people together. Her workshop at Wed By Hand focused on how you could build a wedding that really reflected your personality -and- incorporated local vendors while still sticking to a budget. It's no surprise that it included some of our vendors like Koko Chocolates and some of our favorite peeps in town like Geek Sweets.

{Koko Chocolates at Blush Bead's Event, Colourbomb - Planned by Splendid. Photo by Light Work Studio}

Amy is an tireless supporter of all the projects we work on and is one of those unsung heroes in the background who really makes things work and click. Always there to lend a hand, she's been an incredible support in helping us promote Urban Craft--especially to local businesses. Her communications background has been invaluable and she's given us so many great ideas for Urban Craft. We feel so lucky call Amy and Splendid Events one of our Urban Craft partners!

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  1. You guys are such sweethearts, thank you for such a lovely post! Always a pleasure helping out in any way I can :)