Monday, September 26, 2011

Urban Craft October: A Sneak Peek

Guys! The next edition of Urban Craft is this Saturday! I am getting so completely excited that I can hardly contain myself! We wanted to get the week started off RIGHT by giving you all a sneak peek at the incredible new vendors that we'll have at the next show! Are you ready!?

It's no secret that I am completely in love with Purple Urchin's stuff. Sarah and Rebecca make the most incredible soap, body butters, scrubs, name it, they've got it! Personally, I'm addicted to their soaps and go back for multiples every time we're at a show together! Last week I opened up a package of their Clove Conundrum scent, which is my new favorite smell for fall! Perfectly spicy and sweet--you will definitely want to pick some of this stuff up this Saturday at Urban Craft!

Rochef Chocolatier is definitely building a huge following in Ottawa. Roch's bars and truffles are really pure and lovely and incredibly flavorful. Our amazing partner Amy of Splendid Events swears by his chocolate and picks a bar up every time she's at Farm Boy. Her and her husband are both especially jazzed to be able to meet Roch, the talented chocolatier this weekend at Urban Craft. I personally can't wait to buy some chocolate from the man himself!

Sarah from Sarah's Card Company is a seriously great lady! Sarah and I have gotten to know each other through a variety of ways, and it turns out that she also makes these really fantastic photographic cards. They're so gorgeous that I'm considering picking some up and framing them & hanging them on the walls of our apartment. Gorgeous!

Fish on Fridays creates political finger puppets. Need I say more? Gabe's work is incredibly playful, fun and clever and we totally love the fact that you can pick up a puppet of Jack Layton or Steven Harper and show them your love (or discontent). Political puppet show, anyone?

Strawberry Blond Cafe will be bringing the vegan baked goods this month! We're so excited to welcome owner Claire and her delicious treats to Urban Craft this month. Her lovely goodies are vegan, dairy-free, egg-free AND gluten free. We're impressed and excited for you to try her stuff!

At Art in Strathcona Park last year, Robin was wandering the show and checking out all the talented vendors when he stumbled upon Cre8tive Cat's gorgeous cards. Simple and modern, these cards have a really lovely handmade touch. We're so excited to see Cat's work in person again and so excited for you to see her stuff, too!

Last but not least, our friend Annie of My Green Toy Box makes these incredibly adorable felted animals and toys that you just want to squeeze because they are so adorable. At Idle Hands this spring, our charity program organizer Lauren picked up the cutest elephant. It was so adorable that I considered steeling it from her for a second! No thievery needs to be involved, though, because I (and you!) can pick up some of Annie's lovely creations this Saturday at Urban Craft!

So tell us...who are you looking forward to seeing the most!?

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