Thursday, September 8, 2011

Urban Craft's First Edition: A Smashing Success!

{our snazzy signs on the street - image courtesy of foodiePrints}

Ladies and gents! I'm writing to you this morning a very happy camper as my computer has been brought back from the edge of the cliff! You see, about a week before the first edition of Urban Craft, my already sickly computer started to do some really funny things. This included flickering screens, multiple iterations of the blue screen of death, shutting down on its own and other strange behaviors. About two days into this strange behavior, I sat down and had a chat with my computer. "Computer!" I pleaded, "If you will hold on until Saturday--if you can just hang on until the first edition of Urban Craft is over, I will love you forever." The computer beeped a couple of times--which may have been a sign that it was closer to death, but I chose to believe that it was it's way of saying "Okay, Krista." Sure enough--my computer held up its end of the bargain and lasted through Saturday--and then promptly decided to cough, sputter and kick the bucket earlier this week.

Which made blogging very difficult.

As it turns out, I am surrounded by a bunch of awesome computer-savvy dudes. Robin, our friend Anne-Marie's husband and Robin's friend JJ combined their powers to help my computer come back to life--at least temporarily. So I'm now coming to you from a ZOMBIE COMPUTER--back from the dead!

All of this to say that this is my first chance to tell you about how incredibly amazingly stupendous the first edition of Urban Craft went! The beginning of the day was a complete whirlwind of activity as our vendors showed up and set up their tables and readied their wares for the show to begin. I can't tell you how completely satisfying it is to see so many talented people come together for one event. Each and every vendor brought their A-game and all of their tables looked SO very snazzy!

{gorgeous sewn goods from manus made - image courtesy of foodiePrints}

And then it began--the crowds began to show up and we were ready to begin what would end up being a spectacular show. I cannot tell you how blown away by the public support we received for this show. Over six hundred people showed up to the first Urban Craft show. We were completely blown away by how many people came down to our show. The outpouring of public support that we received was just awe-inspiring and I can't say THANK YOU enough to all of the people who came to check out our show!

{drool-worthy cupcakes & brownies from auntie loo's - image courtesy of foodiePrints}

So many friends and familiar faces stopped by, which just completely made my day. At one point, someone remarked: "Standing next to you is like standing next to the bride in a receiving line. Everyone keeps coming by to congratulate you!" And it was indeed true--so many friends stopped by to check out the show and to say hello, which truly made my day.

{colorful macarons from urban baking co. - image courtesy of foodiePrints}

We were so thrilled with how the show went and are already so excited for October's show, which is shaping up to be so fabulous. We've got a whole new slew of local talent lined up for you! In the coming days we'll be sharing some more details from the big day including pictures from our fabulous photographer, Andree Lise Photography, the winner of our Victoire contest and the unexpected launch of our charity program!

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